2016 Aug 8th

2016 Aug 8th

Our First Night in the New Motor Home


We made it through night one, and you know, it was okay.  Of course, there are some things that will require getting used to, but we will over time.  Neither of us have lived in small quarters during most of our adult lives, having always been partial to abig and spacious house with yard, but, hey, we are getting old and we can adapt. 

Everything is compact in the motor home.  Naturally, for those who know Tom and me, we bought the top of the line motor home.  Duh.  :-)  That is okay, though.  We can afford it and figured, why not.  We both worked hard all our lives and deserve a nice home during these retirement years. 

Fiona, our special little travel companion, who turns three (3) in just a few days, is handling the transition like a champ.  Of course, she was just getting used to being inside her new home when we had to pack up and head to our first stop.  I was holding her when we first started pulling in the slides.  Poor baby, those walls just started to shrink and that totally blew her mind.  She grumbled and clawed for a while, but calmed down.  Once Thomas got behind the driver's wheel, started the engine, and her whole house started moving, well, wouldn't you know that just about put her over the top.

The neighbors got an unwelcome surprise about 5:00 AM.  I was jolted awake by the sound of three loud horn noises... beep, beep, beep.  I jumped out of the bed thinking we had somehow activated an alarm on the coach and I was going to have to no clue how to turn it off.  As I turned the corner from the bedroom I met Fiona Mae who cowarded down from all the excitement as I was rushing to the front.  There is a flat surface area along the driver's seat.  Several operator controls are located in that area including one for the city horn.  Well, I deduced that Fiona had walked on the switch and was blowing the horn.  Poor thing, everything is so new to her and she just keeps getting one surprise after the other.

All in all, not a bad beginning.